Serras have since their debut in 1998 consolidated themselves as Denmark’s perhaps best example of an orchestra that challenges and experiments with the Danish musical tradition.

With a starting point in the 18th century’s dance music, Serras revive the force, the physics, and the raw expression from our ancestors’ dances and music by merging with rock, jazz, electronic and other present musical currents. In the 18th century Denmark, Serras was an excited and wild dance in three-four time – now it is an orchestra.

In the spring of 2004, Serras released their third album: “Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors, Please” on which Serras expanded their repertoire with own contemporary material.

The reviewer of the Danish rock magazine “Gaffa” wrote:

“Serras simply made a folk rock album among the best ever to come from a Danish group. Music that reaches far and deserves international attention.”

Serras recieved a Danish Music Award in 2002 for best contemporary folk album of the year and have played at most of the bigger Danish festivals.

Furthermore, Serras has toured Europe and the USA.

The distinguished British world music magazine fROOTS has described Serras thus in a review of the band’s second album “Second Hand”:

“In gloriously cavalier fashion, Serras create soundscapes so huge, the echoes and resounds a thousand times. This my friend is reincarnations rather than recreation.”


Harald Haugaard – Fiddle & stringquartet

Hans Mydtskov – Tenor- & sopranosaxophone

Sune Hånsbæk – Guitars

Mads Riishede – Bass

Sune Rahbek – Drums


Serras (GO0199)

Second Hand (GO0201)

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors Please (GO0404)